E tradizione annuale per il portale irlandese Balls.ie stilare la classifica delle 5 maglie più belle dei club europei di calcio. Al 5° e al 4° posto ci sono rispettivamente  la terza maglia del milan seguita e quella “esterna” (away) della Juventus. Sul podio di questa speciale classifica salgono al 3° posto la maglia away del Celtic, al 2° posto la “away” del Deportivo Alves e al 1° posto la maglia “europea” della Lazio.

#5 – AC Milan – Alternate – Italy

milan lazioland1900.blog.jpg

One of the best things to come from Adidas’ fan designed alternative jerseys for their biggest clubs, we’re really liking this effort for a Milan side looking to make waves this year.



#4 – Juventus – Away – Italy

juventus lazioland1900.blog.jpg

Simple, yet beautiful, the yellow and blue for Juve just looks fantastic. The only downside is the new logo, which we’re just not sold on, but here it doesn’t detract too much from the overall look.



#3 – Celtic FC – Away – Scotland

celtic lazioland1900.blog.jpg

A cracker that has gone down really, really well with Celtic fans, the two tones of green with the gold accents as a nod to the Lisbon Lions makes for a beautiful jersey



#2 – Deportivo Alaves – Away – Spain

deportivo alves lazioland1900.blog

It’s been a long time since we saw something truly special from Kelme, but they absolutely nailed the away jersey for La Liga side Alaves here with the blue on black making for a simple yet unique jersey



#1 – Lazio – Away – Italy

lazio lazioland1900.blog.jpg

Stunning.   Macron have been doing some great work with Lazio in recent years, but this retro style jersey with the retro sponsor to boot is just sublime, and was the comfortable #1 choice for us this year.

SOURCE: balls.ie